Our Approach

BOURKE is all about a refreshing new Modus Operandi to
Gold Coast property.

The future of real estate is here and we have evolved to adapt our operations to be an effective Agent rather than a reactive Agent.

People are power

It’s not about the property, it’s about the people! At BOURKE, we believe the industry has continued change offering new challenges for Clients to obtain the best result they can. Yes, it is about the property being presented on it’s attributes designed and location, but it is also about presentation, timing and the right agent to be effective at all times.

We don’t compete for the property, we engage top tier Agents that have real property experience, knowledge and wisdom. Once we have the best, we can offer our Clients the best, with superior service and value.

World class technology

As the world changes every minute, so do we. Being agile and nimble is the key to being the best in the market on any given day. We are unrestricted and are able to embrace the very best tech from around the globe and offer its advantages to our clients before other agencies can even get it through compliance.

Marketing approach

With interest rates at an all-time national low that has never been seen I Australia before, buyers are well funded at very low rates, which enables them to pay top price or even exceed market price if they see value and future growth. This growth is expected to continue through the south east Queensland region due to the climate, infrastructure and increasing population.

It is a frequent occurrence that buyers pick up the local newspaper to keep up with the changing market that we have and fall in love or identify a property that is in front of them and will attend an inspection. These are what we call our premium buyers because they can access money to buy their dream home, with emotion, rather than look for a deal for a necessity purchase.

Other successful mediums that attract both categories for a Buyer is the digital world! Google, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Internet Websites (and so on). We focus there and know exactly how to get tonnes of eyeballs on your property and keep them engaged. 

Eye-popping success 

Let’s make a big scene – in a good way! 

From our clean brand, superior signage, photos and media, to our eye-popping innovative approach to marketing, we believe that presentation is absolutely everything. Making your property stand out from others that may be similar or in the same category. They are your competitors, and it is our job to make our Client’s property jump out and be seen first.

Sharpened skillset

Who doesn’t want experts to turn to when buying, selling, leasing or renting? That’s why our team constantly learn, train and evolve their skills by training with the best in the business to deliver superior negotiations, property inspections and a better overall customer experience for everyone.

Come and experience the BOURKE difference for yourself.