Luxury tower with disability housing planned for a Broadbeach site

An ultra-thin luxury high-rise providing high-end disability housing has been unveiled for a residential Gold Coast street.

It’s truly incredible to see the efforts from the Gold Coast City Council to accommodate all residential needs.

The tower’s plans have been submitted to the Gold Coast City Council for a 607 sqm site on Broadbeach’s Second Ave.

The proposal, put forwards by SDA Fiduciaries 8, has been praised by disability advocates and the city council as a necessary step towards diversifying the city’s housing options.

According to documents filed with the council, there will be only 20 units, including five multistory three-bedroom “skyhome units.”

“It will have a mix of specialist disability accommodation (SDA) for National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) participants and luxury dual-level skyhomes, contributing to the delivery of much needed disability housing and diversifying dwelling choice within Broadbeach,” according to a project planning report.

The unnamed tower will also include a mix of one and two-bedroom SDA units, as well as a single caregiver unit.

Advocates have long warned of a severe shortage of specialist disability accommodation on the Gold Coast.

Perry Cross, the founder of Accessible Homes Australia, became a C2 ventilated quadriplegic as a result of a rugby tackling injury more than 25 years ago and stated that there was a significant need for more speciality accommodation.

“Traditional support models are changing, and there is a shift away from institutionalised support,” he said.

“As long as it is not institutional in nature and has mixed facilities, it would be interesting to see.

“It is encouraging to see the market expanding, but it must be done correctly.”

The project is expected to go before the council’s planning committee for approval later this year.

“We welcome an innovative approach to diversified housing which provides for the growing demands of the community.”

Luxury Disability Housing